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Mobile-Edge Computing for Vehicular Networks: A Promising Network Paradigm with Predictive Off-Loading
A cloud-based mobileedge computing (MEC) off-loading framework in vehicular networks is proposed, where the tasks are adaptively off-loaded to the MEC servers through direct uploading or predictive relay transmissions, which greatly reduces the cost of computation and improves task transmission efficiency. Expand
UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond: Recent Advances and Future Trends
A comprehensive survey on UAV communication toward 5G/B5G wireless networks is presented and an exhaustive review of various 5G techniques based on Uav platforms is provided, which are categorize by different domains, including physical layer, network layer, and joint communication, computing, and caching. Expand
Distributed Antenna Systems: Open Architecture for Future Wireless Communications
This book is a comprehensive technical guide that covers the fundamental concepts, recent advances and open issues of the DAS, including information on distributed signal processing, optimal resource allocation, cooperative MAC protocols, cross layer design, and distributed organization. Expand
An enhanced multilevel routing system
Novel techniques that make the recently published multilevel routing scheme more effective and complete are presented, including congestion-driven, graph-based Steiner tree construction during the initial routing and the refinement process and multi-iteration refinement considering the congestion history. Expand
Cognitive Radio Networks: Architectures, Protocols, and Standards
This authoritative reference provides readers with the understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, and framework of cognitive wireless systems needed to initiate the development of future-generation wireless systems and networks. Expand
A safe mobile agent system for distributed intrusion detection
The shortcomings of current IDSs are analyzed and the state of the art for applying MA technology in IDS is discussed and the architecture and detail methods of local intrusion detection and distributed intrusion detection are presented. Expand
Fault Tolerant Stencil Computation on Cloud-Based GPU Spot Instances
This paper describes a fault tolerant framework for distributed stencil computation on cloud-based GPU clusters. It uses pipelining to overlap the data movement with computation in the halo region asExpand
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