Yan Zhang

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Neurospora crassa osmosensitive (os) mutants are sensitive to high osmolarity and therefore are unable to grow on medium containing 4% NaCl. We found that os-2 and os-5 mutants were resistant to the phenylpyrrole fungicides fludioxonil and fenpiclonil. To understand the relationship between osmoregulation and fungicide resistance, we cloned the os-2 gene by(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of representing the eeects of actions. We argue that the traditional minimal change principle is problematic to represent ramiications of actions that are related to the causality of the domain. To handle this problem properly, it is necessary to describe the causal relations of the domain explicitly and compile the(More)
Recently, in order to mix algebraic and logic styles of specification in a uniform framework, the notion of a logic labelled transition system (Logic LTS or LLTS for short) has been introduced and explored. A variety of constructors over LLTS, including usual process-algebraic operators, logic connectives (conjunction and disjunction) and standard temporal(More)
Process algebra and temporal logic are two popular paradigms for the specification , verification and systematic development of reactive and concurrent systems. These two approaches take different standpoint for looking at specifications and verifications, and offer complementary advantages. In order to mix algebraic and logic styles of specification in a(More)
In order to combine operational and logical styles of specifications in one unified framework, the notion of logic labelled transition systems (Logic LTS, for short) has been presented and explored by Lüttgen and Vogler in [TCS 373(1-2):19-40; Inform. & Comput. 208:845-867]. In contrast with usual LTS, two logical constructors ∧ and ∨ over Logic LTSs are(More)
In the framework of logic labelled transition system, a variant of weak ready simulation has been presented by Lüttgen and Vogler. It has been shown that such behavioural preorder is the largest precongruence w.r.t parallel and conjunction composition satisfying desired properties. This paper offers a ground-complete axiomatization for this precongruence(More)