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All too often a seemingly insurmountable divide between theory and practice can be witnessed. In this paper we try to contribute to narrowing this gap in the field of ad-hoc routing. In particular we consider two aspects: We propose a new geometric routing algorithm which is outstandingly efficient on <i>practical</i> average-case networks, however is also(More)
We present a new Euclidean distance for images, which we call image Euclidean distance (IMED). Unlike the traditional Euclidean distance, IMED takes into account the spatial relationships of pixels. Therefore, it is robust to small perturbation of images. We argue that IMED is the only intuitively reasonable Euclidean distance for images. IMED is then(More)
Watermelon, Citrullus lanatus, is an important cucurbit crop grown throughout the world. Here we report a high-quality draft genome sequence of the east Asia watermelon cultivar 97103 (2n = 2× = 22) containing 23,440 predicted protein-coding genes. Comparative genomics analysis provided an evolutionary scenario for the origin of the 11 watermelon(More)
In this study, we examine the relationships between new ventures' ties with service intermediaries (i.e., technology service firms, accounting and financial service firms, law firms, and talent search firms) and their product innovation in the context of a technology cluster. Because service intermediaries sit at the intersection of many firms,(More)
Dysregulated expression of microRNAs (miRNAs) in various tissues has been associated with a variety of diseases, including cancers. Here we demonstrate that miRNAs are present in the serum and plasma of humans and other animals such as mice, rats, bovine fetuses, calves, and horses. The levels of miRNAs in serum are stable, reproducible, and consistent(More)
As the technology progresses, interconnect delays have become bottlenecks of chip performance. 3D integrated circuits are proposed as one way to address this problem. However, thermal problem is a critical challenge for 3D IC circuit design. We propose a thermal-driven 3D floorplanning algorithm. Our contributions include: (1) a new 3D floorplan(More)
Rop/Rac small GTPases are central to diverse developmental and cellular activities in plants, playing an especially important role in polar growth of pollen tubes. Although it is established that a class of plant-specific RopGEFs promotes the activity of Rop/Rac through the catalytic PRONE (Plant-specific Rop nucleotide exchanger) domain, not much is known(More)
The ongoing neural activity in human primary somatosensory cortex (SI) is characterized by field potential oscillations in the 7-13 Hz range known as the mu rhythm. Recent work has shown that the magnitude of the mu oscillation immediately preceding the onset of a weak stimulus has a significant impact on its detection. The neural mechanisms mediating this(More)
Protein S-acylation, commonly known as palmitoylation, is a reversible posttranslational modification that catalyzes the addition of a saturated lipid group, often palmitate, to the sulfhydryl group of a Cys. Palmitoylation regulates enzyme activity, protein stability, subcellular localization, and intracellular sorting. Many plant proteins are(More)
Accurately quantifying evapotranspiration (ET) is essential for modelling regional-scale ecosystem water balances. This study assembled an ET data set estimated from eddy flux and sapflow measurements for 13 ecosystems across a large climatic and management gradient from the United States, China, and Australia. Our objectives were to determine the(More)