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Role and significance of nuclear factor-κB activity in systemic inflammtory response syndrome
The NF-κB activity and TNF-α level are significant higher in SIRS patients and it is suggested that NF-π should be a good marker for the occurrence and severity of MODS.
Example Analysis of the Effect of Benchmark Index on the Performance Evaluation of Funds
Based on exemplification of the performance of close funds under different security market condiˉtions with the selection of several different benchmark indexes,this paper evaluates the performance
Additions to the fern flora of Hunan Province
Seventeen species of ferns belonging to 7 families and 11 genera from Hunan Province, are firstly reported. They are Alsophila spinulosa, Adiantunm diaphanum, A. philippense, Pronephrium
Residential Landscape Planning of Mountain Village
The characteristics of landscape in mountain village were expounded.Taking Qing-Shankou village in Qianxi as a research object,following the design principles of rural landscape,a new idea was
Additions to fern flora of Hong Kong, China
In recent field survey in Hong Kong,six newly recorded species of ferns,Ctenitopsis kusukuensis,Colysis digitata,Dryopteris dehuaensis,Lindsaea orbiculata var.commixta and Lycopodium clavatum,were
On the flora of the plant of tropical lowland rainforest in Tongtieling of Hainan
The results suggest that flora of Tongtieling belongs to northern margin of tropical but not typical tropical region.
Ctenitis mannii (Hope) Ching,A Newly Recorded Species of Ctenitis (Aspidiaceae) from China
Ctenitis mannii(Hope) Ching is reported as a new record to China.It is related to C.vilis(Kze) Ching and C.eatoni(Bak.) Ching,but differs in its leaf oblong-lanceolate,30~60 cm long,14~22 cm