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A low voltage, two-level-metal, and multi-layer insulator electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWD) platform is presented. Dispensing 300pl droplets from 140nl closed on-chip reservoirs was accomplished with as little as 11.4V solely through EWD forces, and the actuation threshold voltage was 7.2V with a 1Hz voltage switching rate between electrodes. EWD devices(More)
Picoliter droplets actuated on an electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWD) actuator are demonstrated. In this study, the physical scaling of electrodes for 33 μm and 21 μm EWD devices resulted in droplets of 12 pl and 5 pl being dispensed respectively in conjunction with 3 μm SU8 gaskets. The stacked multi-layer insulators in the actuators consisted of 200 nm(More)
The results of investigations into performing DNA sequencing chemistry on a picoliter-scale electrowetting digital microfluidic platform are reported. Pyrosequencing utilizes pyrophosphate produced during nucleotide base addition to initiate a process ending with detection through a chemiluminescence reaction using firefly luciferase. The intensity of light(More)
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