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Based on the digital image processing theory, a new method of measuring the leading vehicle distance was proposed. The input image using the method of edge enhancement and morphological transformation was established, so the edges of objects were enhanced to identify. The target vehicle was identified and calibrated in the image by using the method of the(More)
Based on driving simulator and optical illusion, a new deceleration marking was proposed. The independent road marking deceleration marking simulation and optimization platform was implanted to the driving simulator. By using the virtual reality simulation technology in computer to generate the three-dimensional scene of the road deceleration markings, the(More)
The study on the crop growth model parallel algorithm is help to improve the computing efficiency of models in the low-cost PC cluster environment. According to the positive feedback characteristic of the crop development simulation model, this study used the partitioning and pipelining technology, and raised the two parallel algorithms, which are the(More)
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