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  • Emmanuel Perisse, Yan Yin, Andrew C. Lin, Suewei Lin, Wolf Huetteroth, Scott Waddell
  • 2013
In Drosophila, anatomically discrete dopamine neurons that innervate distinct zones of the mushroom body (MB) assign opposing valence to odors during olfactory learning. Subsets of MB neurons have temporally unique roles in memory processing, but valence-related organization has not been demonstrated. We functionally subdivided the αβ neurons, revealing a(More)
Is there a common structural and functional cortical architecture that can be quantitatively encoded and precisely reproduced across individuals and populations? This question is still largely unanswered due to the vast complexity, variability, and nonlinearity of the cerebral cortex. Here, we hypothesize that the common cortical architecture can be(More)
Drug resistance is a primary hindrance for efficiency of chemotherapy. To investigate whether Fe3O4-magnetic nanoparticles (Fe3O4-MNPs) loaded with adriamycin (ADM) and tetrandrine (Tet) would play a synergetic reverse role in multidrug resistant cell, we prepared the drug-loaded nanoparticles by mechanical absorption polymerization to act with K562 and one(More)
Studying structural and functional connectivities of human cerebral cortex has drawn significant interest and effort recently. A fundamental and challenging problem arises when attempting to measure the structural and/or functional connectivities of specific cortical networks: how to identify and localize the best possible regions of interests (ROIs) on the(More)
—This letter presents an approach for direct digital phase control of resonant inverters that is based on inductor current or voltage sensing. Compared to frequency control, phase control provides the advantages of self-tuning to the tank resonant frequency, reduced sensitivity for improved control near resonance , and inherent protection against operation(More)
Dopamine is necessary for the aversive olfactory associative memory formation in Drosophila, but its effect on other stages of memory is not known. Herein, we studied the effect of enhanced dopaminergic signaling on aversive olfactory memory retention in flies. We used l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l-DOPA) to elevate dopamine levels: l-DOPA-treated flies(More)
—A digital control architecture is presented for electronic ballasts that provides a phase sweep for reliable, soft lamp ignition and a smooth transition to lamp current regulation mode. The controller is based on an inner phase loop for fast regulation of the resonant tank operating point and an outer current loop for lamp current regulation. The inner(More)
BACKGROUND Thalamic dysfunction has been found in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suggesting that the thalamus may be implicated in the etiology of PTSD. However, no studies have explored the functional connectivity between the thalamus and other brain regions during resting-state. The objective of the present study was to investigate(More)