Yan Yan Xing

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We have previously reported that three distinct patterns of waxy (Wx) gene transcript accumulation were present in 31 rice cultivars. The cultivars with high amylose content (group I) contain a 2.3 kb mature Wx mRNA, cultivars with intermediate amylose content (group II) produce both a 3.3 kb Wx pre-mRNA, which contains intron 1, and the 2.3 kb Wx mature(More)
Rice waxy gene codes for the starch granule-bound starch synthase (EC (1). To characterize its molecular structure, a rice {Oryza sativa subsp. japonica Hengfeng cultivar) genomic library was constructed in XEMBL-3 vector. Two overlapping genomic clones containing waxy gene sequence were screened and identified from this library by using maize(More)
Mammalian homologues of genes that control oogenesis in other organisms may play similar roles in mammalian ovarian development. In Drosophila melanogaster, GUSTAVUS (GUS) protein physically interacts with and is necessary for the proper posterior localization of VASA protein, and thus is required for specification of germ cells. We identified two mouse(More)
7S particles from Xenopus oocytes were completely dissociated under non-reducing conditions. Studies using glycerol gradient centrifugation show that unlike the native 7S particle in which 5S RNA and TFIIIA co-sedimented in a fairly sharp peak, the RNA from the denatured 7S sedimented at the position corresponding to the 5S RNA and the TFIIIA sedimented as(More)
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