Yan Yan Hou

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Oncogenic Ras induces cell transformation and promotes an invasive phenotype. The tumor suppressor p53 has a suppressive role in Ras-driven invasion. However, its mechanism remains poorly understood. Here we show that p53 induces activation of the mitochondrial protease high-temperature requirement A2 (HtrA2; also known as Omi) and prevents Ras-driven(More)
Platelets are small anucleate cells generated from megakaryocytes in the bone marrow. Although platelet generation , maturation, and clearance are still not fully understood, significant progress has been made in the last 1-2 decades. In blood circulation, platelets can quickly adhere and aggregate at sites of vascular injury, forming the platelet plug(More)
Three cases of carcinosarcoma of the salivary gland, two in the submandibular gland, and one in the parotid, were investigated with CT and exhibited a variety of findings. The density of the tumors was lower than that of normal submandibular tissue. A calcification was found in one case. One case showed extensive lymphadenopathy. The parotid lesion had low(More)
Terahertz (THz) imaging has a number of potential applications in medical imaging and diagnosis. Here, we demonstrate the THz images on the diseased and the corresponding normal tissues from 14 samples. The liver cancer cells are planted by subcutaneous injection into BALB/c which share high degree homology with human. Subcutaneous tumors and nearby normal(More)
BACKGROUND Although several studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between perceived organizational support (POS) and job performance (JP), it remains unclear whether this relationship is appropriate for faculty members at Chinese universities. The objectives of this study were to (a) examine the correlation between POS andJP; (b)(More)
5,6-dihydroxytryptamine was microinjected into the nucleus raphe magus (NRM) of rats. The sections of upper cervical segments were processed for immunoreactive substance P (SP). The degenerated axon terminals and immunoreactive fibers were identified by electron microscopy. The results show that the degenerated axon terminals and immunoreactive positive(More)
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