Yan-Yan Chu

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To study air pollution diffusion in an urban, 3D model of city geography is made by utilizing Google Sketch Up to extracting the maps of the building elevation and latitude and longitude from Google Earth. The flow field and pollutant diffusion in urban areas were researched by numerical simulation with Fluent according to the turbulence theory and the gas(More)
With the pace of urbanization continues to accelerate, making underground construction area is growing. More and more large underground public buildings are located in the ground, such as shopping malls, subways and so on. The fire evacuation in a large underground building has more difficulty than on the ground. In order to gain more time for evacuation,(More)
Unsafe behavior of workers is the key cause of accidents in production. Behavior-based safety model has been developed to catch all aspects of workers' behavior safety to improve the enterprise safety level. To study the complex cause-effect relationship between the safety input and workers' behavior safety in the mining enterprise, questionnaire(More)
In high-rise building fire, fire rescue may be restricted by equipment predetermined control program of traditional smoke control strategy. Time will be obtained for human evacuation if the control strategies can be adjusted in accordance with smoke condition. Modified smoke control strategy using several closed systems to adjust strategy of door(More)
Based on the research on factors of nature, production process and mechanic that may affect fire accident during the operation of LNG terminal, an integrated fire evaluation system of LNG terminal operation process has been setup, which gives arithmetic of condensing the initial targets into main components targets by the main components analysis method.(More)
Fire simulations and sensors are widely used in building fires, various data such as temperature, concentration, and visibility can be obtained by sensors. It is important to generate a risk map based on such data so that we can use it to estimate safety of the building. In this paper, we propose a method to generate a dynamical, integrated risk map using(More)
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