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Micron-sized zeolite Beta single crystals featuring intracrystal interconnected ordered macro-meso-microporosity displaying superior catalytic performance.
The in-situ bottom-up confined crystallization strategy to hierarchically porous zeolite single crystal is highly universal and has been extended to the successful synthesis of other zeolitic materials, including ZSM-5, TS-1 and SAPO-34 and can be applied to many other industrial catalytic reactions.
Hierarchical TiO2/C nanocomposite monoliths with a robust scaffolding architecture, mesopore-macropore network and TiO2-C heterostructure for high-performance lithium ion batteries.
The fabrication of hierarchical TiO2/C nanocomposite monoliths by mediated mineralization and carbonization using bacterial cellulose as a scaffolding template as well as a carbon source is reported.
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A hierarchical TiO 2/C nanocomposite monolith with a robust scaff olding architecture, a mesopore–macropore network and TiO2–C heterostructure that exhibits fascinating structure-enabled functional performance as an anode for lithium ion batteries.
Hierarchical TiO 2 / C nanocomposite monoliths with a robust scaffolding architecture , mesopore-macropore network and TiO 2-C heterostructure for high-performance lithium ion batteries
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