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The tumor suppressor gene p53 is involved in multiple cellular pathways including apoptosis, transcriptional control, and cell cycle regulation. In the last decade it has been demonstrated that the single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) at codon 72 of the p53 gene is associated with the risk for development of various neoplasms. MDM2 SNP309 is a single(More)
Effective routing in airborne networks (ANs) relies on suitable mobility models that capture the random movement pattern of airborne vehicles. As airborne vehicles cannot make sharp turns as easily as ground vehicles do, the widely used mobility models for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (such as Random Waypoint and Random Direction models) fail. In this paper, we(More)
To date, epidemiological studies have assessed the association between Ataxia-telangiectasia mutated (ATM) gene polymorphisms and cancer risk, including lung cancer, breast cancer, glioma and pancreatic cancer. However, the results of these studies remain controversial. We aimed to examine the associations between two SNPs (rs664143 and rs664677) and cancer(More)
An airborne network is a cyberphysical system (CPS) in which there is an intense interaction between the physical and cyber components. While computation, communication and networking elements form the cyber components of the system, fight-paths, manoeuvre geometries, and multimode resources including ground-based nodes and control stations form the(More)
Since the late 1990s when speech companies began providing their customer-service software in the market, people have gotten used to speaking to machines. As people interact more often with voice and gesture controlled machines, they expect the machines to recognize different emotions, and understand other high level communication features such as humor,(More)
AIM To develop a real-time PCR for detecting hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA based on TaqMan technology using a new MGB probe. METHODS Plasmid containing the sequence of X gene (1414-1744 nt) was constructed as HBV-DNA standard for quantitative analysis. A TaqMan-MGB probe between primers for amplification was designed to detect PCR products. The interested(More)
As congestion in the United States National Airspace System (NAS) increases, coordination of en route and terminal-area traffic flow management procedures is becoming increasingly necessary to prevent controller workload excesses without imposing excessive delay on aircraft. Here, we address the coordination of flow management procedures in the presence of(More)
In this paper a software sensor based on a fuzzy neural network approach was proposed for real-time estimation of nutrient concentrations. In order to improve the network performance, fuzzy subtractive clustering was used to identify model architecture, extract and optimize fuzzy rule of the model. A split network structure was applied separately for(More)