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The paper presents an smoke-detection method for early fire-alarming system based on video processing. The basic strategy of smoke-pixel judgment is composed of two decision rules: a chromaticity-based static decision rule and a diffusion-based dynamic characteristic decision rule. The chromatic decision rule is deduced by grayish color of smoke and dynamic(More)
This paper presents a parameterized gait generator based on linear inverted pendulum model (LIPM) theory, which allows users to generate a natural gait pattern with desired step sizes. Five types of zero moment point (ZMP) components are proposed for formulating a natural ZMP reference, where ZMP moves continuously during single support phases instead of(More)
Can a robot think like a human being? Scientists in recent years have been trying to achieve this dream, and we are also committed to this same goal. In this paper, we use an example of throwing the ball into the basket to make the robots process with human-like thinking behavior. Such thinking behavior adopted in this study is divided into two modes: fast(More)
A scheme based on a difference scheme using object structures and color analysis is proposed for video object segmentation in rainy situations. Since shadows and color reflections on the wet ground pose problems for conventional video object segmentation, the proposed method combines the background construction-based video object segmentation and the(More)
Intra-body communication (IBC), using the human body as the channel to transmit data, has lower power consumption, less radiation, and easier linking than common wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, and ANT. As a result, IBC is greatly suitable for body area network (BAN) applications, such as the medical and health care field.(More)
The design and the implementation of the teen-sized humanoid robot named David Junior is presented in this paper. David Junior has 26 Degree of Freedom, and aluminum-magnesium has been widely applied for this teen-sized robot. The special designs of the thumb structure, the flexible leg, and the enhanced hip are also introduced in this paper. In order to(More)
BACKGROUND Signal transmission characteristics between implanted medical devices and external equipment has been a common key issue, as has the problem of supplying energy to the devices. It can be used to enable signal transmission from implanted devices that the human body's conductive properties. Using signal transmission by galvanic coupling is one of(More)
In this paper, an enhanced linear inverted pendulum model (LIPM) and a gait planning algorithm are proposed. The LIPM is a widely used concept for gait reference generation, and it provides a simplified model for planning a center of mass trajectory when given a proper zero moment point trajectory. However, one of the assumptions of LIPM is that the legs of(More)
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