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Deep-sea fungi, the fungi that inhabit the sea and the sediment at depths of over 1000 m below the surface, have become an important source of industrial, agricultural, and nutraceutical compounds based on their diversities in both structure and function. Since the first study of deep-sea fungi in the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 4450 m was conducted(More)
—A 160-GHz frequency-translation PLL with tuning range from 156.4 GHz to 159.2 GHz is presented. Sub-THz 1/9 prescaler is replaced by a 3rd harmonic mixer incorporating a frequency tripler for frequency down conversion. A transformer based VCO is utilized to alleviate capacitive and resistive load associated with varactor and succeeding buffer stages.(More)
Diffusional kurtosis imaging (DKI) is a new type diffusion-weighted sequence which measures the non-Gaussi-anity of water diffusion. The present study aimed to investigate whether the parameters of DKI could distinguish between differences in water molecule diffusion in various brain regions under the conditions of acute infarction and to identify the(More)
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