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A conservative phase field method for solving incompressible two-phase flows
In this paper a conservative phase-field method based on the work of Sun and Beckermann for solving the two- and three-dimensional two-phase Navier-Stokes equations is proposed. Expand
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A novel approach for recycling of kerf loss silicon from cutting slurry waste for solar cell applications
Abstract A great challenge in recycling of silicon cutting kerf loss is the complete removal of silicon carbide particles. High-gravity centrifugation using a heavy medium with a specific gravity inExpand
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Energy gap reduction in dilute nitride GaAsSbN
The energy gap of dilute nitride GaAsSbN has been studied. We found that the energy gap reduction induced by nitrogen incorporation is nearly independent of the Sb composition of the alloy,Expand
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Image-Based Approach for Road Profile Analyses
AbstractRoad profile extraction and analysis are essential tasks in transportation asset management. Current approaches use vehicle-borne laser sensors in order to precisely measure the variations inExpand
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Forced-convection film condensation on a horizontal cylinder with wavy surface structure
The forced-convection film condensation on a horizontal cylinder with wavy surface structure was performed by boundary-layer-approximation. The local/mean heat fluxes were obtained for the effects ofExpand
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Automatic water-level detection using single-camera images with varied poses
An automatic water-level detection approach based on single-camera images is developed based on digital image processing techniques to minimize the ambient noise and to detect the water level in real-time. Expand
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Feature Conjugation for Intensity-Coded LIDAR Point Clouds
In this study, an efficient approach that utilizes the intensity information provided in most light detection and ranging data sets for feature conjugation is proposed. Expand
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Investigation of Linearity in the High Electric Field Region for SiGe HBTs Based on Volterra Series
In this paper, avalanche breakdown operation has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on RF linearity performance for silicon germanium (SiGe) heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) due toExpand
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A 2.4 GHz high output power and high efficiency power amplifier operating at inductive breakdown in CMOS technology
A novel CMOS power amplifier with high output power and power added efficiency is designed to operate in the avalanche region by increasing the supply voltage for the first time. Expand
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Incorporation Behaviors of Group V Elements in GaAsSbN Grown by Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
We report the incorporation behaviors of Sb and N in GaAsSbN epilayers grown by gas source molecular beam epitaxy. Our study reveals that N incorporation is independent of the growth temperature andExpand
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