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Primary study on the pollination characteristics of Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis (Fr.) Hand.
The pollination characteristics of P.polyphylla var.yunnanensis(Fr.) Hand were summarized in this paper.The results indicated that:(i)P.polyphylla var.yunnanensis(Fr.) Hand belonged to oftenExpand
Study on high propagation efficiency and high yield cultivation of Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis.
The cultivation measures on different propagation of seed and segments of rhizome,patterns of shade were studied in LuDian county of Lijiang city.The result showed that segments of rhizomeExpand
Comparison of growth of 22 Erigeron breviscapus populations.
To compare the growth of different Erigeron breviscapus populations,22 populations from Yunnan and its surrounding area were planted in Kunming and their growth were observed.The study indicated thatExpand
Meiosis, male gametophyte development and flower morphology of Erigeron breviscapus.
The meiosis and male gametophyte development of Erigeron breviscapus were observed by using squash and transparent preparation technology,and the relationship between the development stage and theExpand
Study on dry matter accumulation and quality change in growth and development of mini watermelon
In order to know the growth and development of mini watermelon,the sampling by stages and method of quantitative analysis were taken.In this article,the development stage,dry matterExpand
Study on the pollination biology of Artemisia annua L.
This paper studied the pollination biology of Artemisia annua L..The results showed that the flowering phenology is flower bud appearing from the begin to the end of September,full blooming time fromExpand
Study on Breeding and Propagation Methods of Artemisia annua L. in Yunnan
Artemisia annua L. is allogamous plant and could be bred through generative selection and tissue culture.Expanding propagation using seed in good lines with stable and good characters and usingExpand