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China is not only the most populous country in the world, but also a multinational country with 56 ethnic groups. Tibetans (4.6 million in 1990) ranked in number as the ninth largest minority group. The Tibet question has attracted wide publicity in the Western media in recent years. The Chinese government is frequently criticised for political oppression(More)
PURPOSE To map a gene responsible for infantile cataract in a large four-generation, non-consanguineous Chinese family. METHODS Twenty-two family members including 17 cataract patients in the Chinese family were analyzed clinically. All family members were genotyped with 382 microsatellite markers that provide genome-wide coverage every 10 cM. Linkage(More)
Grape downy mildew is a destructive oomycete disease worldwide for viticulture. A total of 440 infected leaf lesions were collected from nineteen vineyards distributing in the major viticulture regions in China. Six specific SSR markers were used to genetically characterize the Plasmopara viticola populations. A total of 60 alleles were generated and 324(More)
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