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Caspase-1 activation by inflammasome scaffolds comprised of intracellular nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain (NOD)-like receptors (NLRs) and the adaptor ASC is believed to be essential for production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin (IL)-1β and IL-18 during the innate immune response. Here we show, with C57BL/6 Casp11 gene-targeted mice,(More)
Apoptotic cell death is important for embryonic development, immune cell homeostasis, and pathogen elimination. Innate immune cells also undergo a very rapid form of cell death termed pyroptosis after activating the protease caspase-1. The hemichannel pannexin-1 has been implicated in both processes. In this study, we describe the characterization of(More)
This is a case study about the early adoption and use of micro-blogging in a Fortune 500 company. The study used several independent data sources: five months of empirical micro-blogging data, user demographic information from corporate HR records, a web based survey, and targeted interviews. The results revealed that users vary in their posting activities,(More)
Several mechanistically distinct models of nonclassical secretion, including exocytosis of secretory lysosomes, shedding of plasma membrane microvesicles, and direct efflux through plasma membrane transporters, have been proposed to explain the rapid export of caspase-1-processed IL-1 beta from monocytes/macrophages in response to activation of P2X7(More)
In this work, we conducted a case study of a popular Chinese microblogging site, Sina-Weibo, to investigate how Chinese netizens used microblogging in response to a major disaster: the 2010 Yushu Earthquake. We combined multiple analysis methods in this case study, including content analysis of microblog messages, trend analysis of different topics, and an(More)
Newspapers generally attempt to present the news objectively. But textual affect analysis shows that many words carry positive or negative emotional charge. In this article, we show that coupling niche browsing technology and affect analysis technology allows us to create a new application that measures the slant in opinion given to public figures in the(More)
Multilingual applications frequently involve dealing with proper names, but names are often missing in bilingual lexicons. This problem is exacerbated for applications involving translation between Latin-scripted languages and Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) where simple string copying is not a solution. We present a novel(More)
Several previous studies utilizing selective pharmacological antagonists have demonstrated that type 5 metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluR5) are potential therapeutic targets for the treatment of numerous disorders of the central nervous system, but the role of mGluR5 activation in traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not fully understood. Here in an in(More)
In addition to factual content, many texts contain an emotional dimension. This emotive, or affect, dimension has not received much attention in computational linguistics until recently. But now that messages (including spam) have become more prevalent than edited texts (such as newswire), recognizing this dimension is becoming more important. One resource(More)