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In this study, we examine the relationships between new ventures' ties with service intermediaries (i.e., technology service firms, accounting and financial service firms, law firms, and talent search firms) and their product innovation in the context of a technology cluster. Because service intermediaries sit at the intersection of many firms,(More)
Grain yield is one of the most important and complex quantitative traits in maize breeding. In the present study, a total of 11 connected RIL populations, derived from crosses between elite inbreed “Huangzaosi” as the common parent and 11 elite inbreeds, were evaluated for five yield components and kernel-related traits under six environments. Quantitative(More)
The domain name system is the standard mechanism on the Internet to advertise and access important information about hosts. At its inception, DNS was not designed to be a secure protocol. The biggest security hole in DNS is the lack of support for data integrity authentication, source authentication, and authorization. To make DNS more robust, a security(More)
In this study we examine the contingent relationship between R&D intensity and performance of international joint ventures (IJVs) in an emerging market context. Based on Teece's (1986) arguments regarding the appropriability of innovation, we identify two types of appropriability hazard related to IJVs' R&D activities in this context: local-market-related(More)
In this study, we examine how intercommunity relationships affect the growth of organizational communities. Using a unique panel dataset on 53 technology development communities in China spanning 1988–2000, we found that regional community density, a community's geographic proximity to the nearest community and its domain overlap with the nearest community(More)
Escherichia coli MG1655 (DE3) with the ability to synthesize butanol from glycerol was constructed by metabolic engineering. The genes thil, adhe2, bcs operon (crt, bcd, etfB, etfA, and hbd) were cloned into the plasmid vectors, pETDuet-1 and pACYCDuet-1, then the two resulting plasmids, pACYC-thl-bcs and pET-adhe2, were transferred to E. coli, and the(More)
We examine performance differences between new ventures led by returnees and those led by their local counterparts in China. We argue that while, compared with locals, returnees have the advantages of higher education and overseas experience, they also have disadvantages in their home country in terms of lack of both local connections and local knowledge.(More)
The pullulanase encoding gene from Bacillus naganoensis was successfully overexpressed in Escherichia coli both intracellularly and extracellularly using expression vector pET22b (+). The distribution of recombinant protein was significantly affected by temperature and carbon and nitrogen sources. The highest levels of extracellular and intracellular(More)
Eye state estimation has a wide range of potential applications, such as human-computer interaction, driver fatigue monitoring system and facial expression recognition. The commonly used feature-based methods and motion-based methods are easy to be influenced by head pose variation or occlusion. Recently the appearance-based methods are arising. In this(More)
We present a novel hybrid scheme for content-aware image retargeting that allows retargeting images into arbitrary dimensions while preserving visually prominent features and minimizing global information loss. One of the novelties in our scheme is an optimized importance map incorporating the impacts of the gradient map, context-aware saliency map, skin(More)