Yan Pang

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A tutorial introduction is provided to the relatively new subject of hybrid systems. The modelling of hybrid systems is assuming ever greater importance for systems where the combination of continuous control and with logical decision making is required. This arises in some of the most critical operating regions where systems are under start-up, shutdown or(More)
Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor (PARPi) olaparib has been approved for treatment of advanced ovarian cancer associated with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. BRCA1- and BRCA2-mutated cells, which are homologous recombination (HR) deficient, are hypersensitive to PARPi through the mechanism of synthetic lethality. Here we examine the effect of PARPi(More)
AIMS In this paper, we have reported a previously undescribed risk factor of deterioration of renal function in zoledronic acid treatment of skeletal metastasis - high serum calcium level. Based on this consideration, a modified method of treatment of hypercalcemia (HCM) with zoledronic acid is suggested in this paper. MATERIAL AND METHODS Bone scan(More)
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The Mn(III) ion in the title complex, [Mn(C(15)H(10)N(3)O)(2)]ClO(4)·H(2)O, is coordinated meridionally by six N atoms from two tridentate N-(8-quinol-yl)pyridine-2-carboxamidate ligands, yielding a distorted octa-hedral coordination geometry. The two ligands are nearly planar and their mean planes are almost perpendicular, with a dihedral angle of 86.7(More)