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Light environments have long been known to influence grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berry development and biosynthesis of phenolic compounds, and ultimately affect wine quality. Here, the accumulation and compositional changes of hydroxycinnamic acids (HCAs) and flavonoids, as well as global gene expression were analyzed in Cabernet Sauvignon grape berries under(More)
Climatic conditions and soil type have significant influence on grape ripening and wine quality. The reported study was conducted in two "Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitis vinifera L.V)" vineyards located in Xinjiang, a semiarid wine-producing region of China during two vintages (2011 and 2012). The results indicate that soil and climate affected berry growth and(More)
The total RNA was extracted from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) which was isolated from Meishan porcine and induced with concanavaline A (ConA), then the porcine interferon gamma gene (PoIFNgamma, 501bp) was amplified by RT-PCR. The result of sequencing demonstrated that the amplified PoIFNgamma had 100% nucleotide homology with the other porcine(More)
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