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This paper describes a noise-robust front-end designed within a collaboration of Motorola, France Télécom and Alcatel for the ETSI standardization of the advanced front-end for distributed speech recognition (DSR). The proposed algorithm is based on the cumulative knowledge in the three companies' history in the areas of noise reduction, speech enhancement(More)
The rumen content of four Yunnan Yellow Cattle (Bos taurs) were collected to determine the bacteria diversity by using 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis. A total of 129 sequences were examined and the sequences were referred as 107 OTU (Operational Taxonomy Unit) according to the similarity level of 97% in gene sequence. Similarity analysis revealed that(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new concept in advancing the noise robustness of speech recognition front-end. The presented method, called SNR-dependent Waveform Processing (SWP), exploits SNR variability within a speech period for enhancing the high SNR period portion and attenuating the low SNR period portion in the waveform time domain. In this way, the(More)
This paper presents the robust front-end algorithm that was submitted by Motorola to the ETSI STQ-Aurora DSR working group as a proposal for the Advanced DSR front-end in January 2001. The algorithm consists of a two-stage mel-warped Wiener filter, a waveform processor, a channel-normalized mel-frequency cepstral calculation and a subsystem of post-cepstral(More)
We propose a novel method of efficiently searching very large populations of speakers, tens of thousands or more, using an utterance comparison model proposed in a previous work. The model allows much more efficient comparison of utterances compared to the traditional Gaussian Mixture Model(GMM)-based approach because of its computational simplicity while(More)
Identification of delamination position in cross-ply laminated composite beams using S0 Lamb mode. Abstract In this work, a Lamb wave based technique has been developed for delamination detection in cross-ply laminated beams. By measuring the propagation speed of S 0 Lamb mode and the traveling time of a signal reflected from a delamination site, the(More)