Yan Mei Chen

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Most adults have more experience in identifying faces of their own race than in identifying faces from another race, and thus may be considered as own-race face experts. This effect was investigated by recording and analyzing ERPs as well as induced gamma oscillations. The race modulation occurred post the stage of structural processing revealed by N170.(More)
Male and female heroin-dependent patients (HDPs) matched with "normal" people were tested on 4 topographical orientation tasks: schematic map-following, map-memory, schematic picture-following, and picture-memory tasks. The results showed that, in general, female HDPs demonstrated greater performance deficits in map-following and map-picture-memory tasks(More)
In the present study, the interaction between morphine and the beta-adrenergic receptor antagonist, propranolol (PROP), in memory consolidation was investigated in a two-trial recognition Y-maze task. Four sets of Y-maze experiments were carried out in mice, with 2 and 4 h inter-trial intervals (ITI) and all drugs administered immediately after the training(More)
The present study used paired-picture paradigm, where either congruent or incongruent emotional expressions were presented side by side to measure the neural correlates underlying the processing of emotional conflict effect. Event-related potentials were recorded while participants identified whether the valences of the paired-picture were consistent or(More)
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