Yan Luo

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Gingseng is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine community for the treatment of depression-like disorders. Ginsenosides is considered to be the major active components of ginseng. Previous studies have demonstrated that ginsenosides produced antidepressant-like action in various mouse models of behavioral despair. The present study aimed to examine(More)
BACKGROUND Reduced arterial compliance is associated with an increased rate of morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular disease. Exercise is beneficial for compromised arterial compliance. However, the beneficial effects of exercise are lost with exhaustion. Lycium barbarum L. has been used in China for centuries to maintain good health. In this regard,(More)
The profiling of subproteomes from complex mixtures on the basis of small molecule interactions shared by members of protein families or small molecule interaction domains present in a subset of proteins is an increasingly important approach in functional proteomics. Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) is a novel technology to address this issue. CCs(More)
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