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A number of organizations have adopted Open Source Software (OSS) development practices to support or augment their software development processes, a phenomenon frequently referred to as <i>Inner Source</i>. However the adoption of Inner Source is not a straightforward issue. Many organizations are struggling with the question of whether Inner Source is an(More)
Our interest is embedded systems validation as part of the model-driven approach. To design a model, the mod-eller needs to obtain knowledge about the system and decide what is relevant to model and how. A part of the modelling activities is inherently informal-it cannot be formalised in such a way to constitute a basis for automated model design. This does(More)
Model-based design is a promising technique to improve the quality of software and the efficiency of the software development process. We are investigating how to efficiently model embedded software and its environment to verify the requirements for the system controlled by the software. The software environment consists of mechanical, electrical and other(More)
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