Yan Liu

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We present a method to estimate dynamically the available bandwidth of a node with its neighboring nodes being taken into account. In wireless networks, each node can overhear the frames sent by its neighboring nodes and get some important information from their headers. We implement our method by maintaining an active neighbor table (ANT) in each node. The(More)
The task scheduling problem is one of the basic research areas in computer science especially in real-time systems. Current task scheduling based on heterogeneous multiprocessors system rarely consider the multiframe character of real-time tasks, which assumes a worst-case execution time bound for every task and maybe too pessimistic if the worst-case(More)
The P2P applications employing supernode architecture become more and more popular, while the problem about supernode selection is still open. When selecting supernodes, current researches and application fields mainly focus on the capability criterion such as software and hardware. So this provides malicious node with a good chance to exert malicious(More)
Since more and more motion data are created, the reuse of motion data becomes increasingly important. We present a method to reconstruct a 3D figure animation based on 2D user-defined motion on our motion database. First, a novel interactive interface for defining the input query is presented. Users can draw a series of stick figure of 2D human motion(More)
In this paper, we design and realize an augmented reality interaction framework. A linear interpolation algorithm in an adaptive spatial grid is proposed to calibrate the magnetic tracker, and the calibrated data is used for registration of the user's viewpoint and the virtual objects. An optimized collision detection algorithm based on Vclip is adopted.(More)
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