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Using confocal Raman and fluorescence spectroscopic imaging in 3-dimensions, we show direct evidence of inhomogeneous Nd(3+) distribution across grain boundaries (GBs) in Nd(3+):YAG laser ceramics. It is clearly shown that Nd(3+) segregation takes place at GBs leading to self-fluorescence quenching which affects a volume fraction as high as 20%. In(More)
Advancement in design tools is necessary to bridge the widening productivity gap between hardware design and software development in state-of-the-art Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). We present a design exploration framework that automatically compiles C applications to realize efficient custom co-processor structures for hardware acceleration on the(More)
High-level synthesis tools are increasingly adopted for designing complex applications on FPGAs. These tools necessitate fast and accurate estimation of FPGA resources in order to produce good design solutions while minimizing design time. Multiplication operations are very commonly found in signal processing, communication, video and image processing(More)