Yan Lin Aung

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To create optimal embedded electronic systems, it is essential to ensure all implementation options are considered, and students of electronics and computer engineering must be educated in hardware, software and firmware. We begin by reviewing in an educational context various implementation techniques. These include commercial microcontrollers, custom(More)
High-level synthesis tools are increasingly adopted for designing complex applications on FPGAs. These tools necessitate fast and accurate estimation of FPGA resources in order to produce good design solutions while minimizing design time. Multiplication operations are very commonly found in signal processing, communication, video and image processing(More)
This paper describes a teaching platform that comprises a commercial FPGA-based board called the DE0 and a custom complementary circuit board of our design called Teaching Auxiliary Board (TAB). The combination contains an ARM Cortex-M1 soft-core processor, numerous analogue and digital peripherals, different types of memory and a Cortex-M3(More)