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BACKGROUND More than 1 million tuberculosis (TB) patients are receiving the standard anti-TB treatment provided by China National Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Scheme (CNTS) in China every year. Adverse reactions (ADRs) induced by anti-TB drugs could both do harm to patients and lead to anti-TB treatment failure. The ADACS aimed to explore ADRs'(More)
BACKGROUND Anti-tuberculosis drug induced liver injury (ATLI) is emerging as a significant threat to tuberculosis control in China, though limited data is available about the burden of ATLI at population level. This study aimed to estimate the incidence of ATLI, to better understand its clinical features, and to evaluate its impact on anti-tuberculosis (TB)(More)
BACKGROUND More than 1 million tuberculosis (TB) patients are receiving directly observed treatment strategy (DOTS) therapy in China every year. As to the profile of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) due to DOTS therapy, no consensus has been reached. There is no report regarding ADRs due to DOTS therapy with a large Chinese TB population. This study aimed to(More)
The expression of Yes-associated protein (YAP) has been reported to be dysregulated in pancreatic cancer. However, its contributions to tumor formation and progression remain to be elucidated. The present study demonstrated that YAP overexpression promoted the epithelial‑mesenchymal transition (EMT) in a manner associated with pancreatic cancer invasion in(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS We aimed to explore the effectiveness of preventive usage of hepatoprotectors in patients with tuberculosis (TB) receiving anti-TB treatment. METHODS With stratified cluster sampling strategy, a prospective cohort with 4488 sputum smears positive pulmonary TB patients was established from 52 counties of four regions in China. During(More)
BACKGROUND Data on effect of regular liver function monitoring during anti-TB treatment is limited in China. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of scheduled liver function monitoring on identification of asymptomatic liver damage and anti-TB treatment outcomes during anti-TB treatment. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed based on a(More)
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