Yan-Kai Xu

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An unsolved problem in automated map conversion is the recognition of street lines and their associated names. This paper describes our eeorts to overcome the challenges by this endeavor. The goal of this research is to develop the techniques for conversion, evaluate their eeectiveness and estimate the cost of conversion. Since any completely automated(More)
It is well known that stochastic control systems can be viewed as Markov decision processes (MDPs) with continuous state spaces. In this paper, we propose to apply the policy iteration approach in MDPs to the optimal control problem of stochastic systems. We first provide an optimality equation based on performance potentials and develop a policy iteration(More)
—We formulate the Lebesgue-sampling-based optimal control problem. We show that the problem can be solved by the time aggregation approach in Markov decision processes (MDP) theory. Policy-iteration-based and reinforcement-learning-based methods are developed for the optimal policies. Both analytical solutions and sample-path-based algorithms are given.(More)
Jump linear quadratic Gaussian (JLQG) model is well studied due to its wide applications. The existing studies on JLQG model with controlled jump probabilities usually impose an assumption that jump probabilities are independent and separately controlled. However, in some practical systems, their jump probabilities may not be independent of each other. In(More)
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