Yan K. Wang

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The wnt signaling pathway has important functions in nervous system development. To better understand this process we have cloned and analyzed the expression of the wnt receptor, frizzled 9, in the developing nervous system in mouse, chick and zebrafish. The earliest expression of mouse frizzled 9 mRNA expression begins at E8.5 with expression throughout(More)
Rhizobium meliloti DctD (C4-dicarboxylate transport protein D) is a transcriptional activator that catalyzes the ATP-dependent isomerization of closed complexes between sigma 54-RNA polymerase holoenzyme and the dctA promoter to open complexes. Following random mutagenesis of dctD, 55 independent mutant forms of DctD that failed to activate transcription(More)
Phage-mediated horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is common in free-living bacteria, and many transferred genes can play a significant role in their new bacterial hosts. However, there are few reports concerning phage-mediated HGT in endosymbionts (obligate intracellular bacteria within animal or plant hosts), such as Wolbachia. The Wolbachia-infecting(More)
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