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We have developed pLink, software for data analysis of cross-linked proteins coupled with mass-spectrometry analysis. pLink reliably estimates false discovery rate in cross-link identification and is compatible with multiple homo- or hetero-bifunctional cross-linkers. We validated the program with proteins of known structures, and we further tested it on(More)
Tandem mass spectrometry-based database searching has become an important technology for peptide and protein identification. One of the key challenges in database searching is the remarkable increase in computational demand, brought about by the expansion of protein databases, semi- or non-specific enzymatic digestion, post-translational modifications and(More)
The non-polarized Raman laser light was used to investigate the anisotropic polymers including polypropylene fiber, nylon 6 flat fiber, and polyethylene pipe. The Raman spectra of the same samples with different location relative to the incident direction of laser beam show obvious differences. The present result extends the application of Raman(More)
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