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Functional implications of the staminal lever mechanism in Salvia cyclostegia (Lamiaceae).
Though the intact flowers demand a long handling time for pollinators, the reversible staminal lever is of advantage by promoting dispersal of pollen and thus the male function.
Effects of indole-3-acetic acid and auxin transport inhibitors on the style curvature of three Alpinia species (Zingiberaceae)
The effects of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and the auxin transport inhibitors 2, 3, 5-triiodobenzoic acid (TIBA) and 1-N-naphthylphthalamic acid (NPA) on the style curvature of Alpiniaplatychilus, A.
Subcellular localization of calcium during Alpinia mutica Roxb. (Zingiberaceae) style movement
Results indicate that calcium could not affect the curvature by inhibiting cell elongation but may play a role in style movement by acting as a secondary messenger, providing further evidence supporting a role for calcium as asecondary messenger.
Purification and Enzymatic Properties of a New Thermostable Endoglucanase From Aspergillus Oryzae HML366
It is demonstrated that A. oryzae HML366 can produce a heat-resistant and wide pH tolerance endoglucanase HML ED1, which has potential industrial application value in bioethanol, paper, food, textile, detergent and pharmaceutical industries.