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Cibaomyces, a new genus of Physalacriaceae from East Asia
A new genus in Physalacriaceae, Cibaomyces, typified by C. glutinis, is described using morphological and molecular evidence. Cibaomyces is morphologically characterized by the combination of theExpand
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Paraxerula ellipsospora, a new Asian species of Physalacriaceae
A new species, Paraxerula ellipsospora, is described from southwestern China using both morphological and molecular phylogenetic evidence. This species differs phenotypically from the three knownExpand
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Morphological and molecular evidence for a new species of Rhodotus from tropical and subtropical Yunnan, China
Rhodotus has been regarded as a monotypic genus, consisting of only one species, R. palmatus, for a long time. Morphological and phylogenetic studies were carried out on collections of Rhodotus fromExpand
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What is the radicate Oudemansiella cultivated in China
A radicate Oudemansiella species, called “Heipijizong” or “Black Termite Mushroom”, has been widely cultivated in China in the past few years. It was regarded as either the European O. radicata orExpand
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Infundibulicybe rufa sp. nov. (Tricholomataceae), a reddish brown species from southwestern China
Infundibulicybe rufa sp. nov ., is described from Jiuzhaigou Biosphere Reserve, southwestern China. It is characterized by the combination of the following characters: umbilicate to slightlyExpand
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Strobilomyces rubrobrunneus (Boletaceae), a new species with reddish brown scales from eastern China
A new species, Strobilomyces rubrobrunneus , is described from eastern China based on morphological and molecular evidence. Morphologically, this species is characterized by its tiny to smallExpand
Two new species of the genus Leccinellum (Boletaceae, Boletales) from the south of China
Two new species of Leccinellum , viz . L. alborufescens and L. fujianense are described based on morphological and molecular evidence. Both species have a rugulose or pitted brown pileus, a red colorExpand
The genus Catathelasma (Catathelasmataceae, Basidiomycota) in China.
Two new species, Catathelasma laorentou and C. subalpinum, are described on the basis of morphological characters, phylogenetic evidence, host preferences and geographic distributions. A taxonomicExpand