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Objective and accurate evaluating the sustainable development ability of logistics enterprises is not only an important method for measuring but also the basis to construct the sustainable development ability. The study of logistics enterprises in this paper aims to improve their sustainable development ability in china. Firstly, analyze sustainable(More)
The evaluation of degree thesis is a necessary problem. And there are many uncertainly information in the procedure of thesis writing. The evaluation indexes of thesis are often put up by qualitative analysis method. Although the index system is operated easily, there were some questions for unscientific. The evaluation index system is determined mostly to(More)
It is essential for risk assessment of reverse logistics of retailing to decide effectively. It is an important method to reduce operation risk and improve service level. In this paper, firstly, the effective combinative system of retailing reverse logistics risk factors is analyzed. Secondly, the definition of effective index is put forward. Thirdly,(More)
Through the analysis on the financial index of enterprises economic benefit and characteristics of mining enterprises, a new comprehensive evaluation model was proposed based on grey entropy and AHM. This model is applied in the economic benefit evaluation of 7 mining enterprises, and the enterprises economic benefit order is gained. At the same time,(More)
Under the fully mechanized coal mining face contains many security features of unascertained, in this paper, the selection of the most able to face the impact of the safety of people, machines, and environmental factors as the evaluation index. Secondly, the definition of the unascertained measure indicators, and indicators of human, machine and environment(More)
The reverse logistics is necessary for retailing to reinforce competitive advantage, increase customer value and improve its whole performance of supply chain. The retailing reverse logistic is either a premise of effective decision or important method for enterprise to decrease operating risk and improve service. In the paper, a new evaluation method is(More)
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