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This paper describes a process for the semi-automatic conversion of numerical and scientific routines written in the C programming language into Triana-based computational services that can be used within a distributed serviceoriented architecture such as that being adopted for Grid computing. This process involves two separate but related tools, JACAW and(More)
This paper describes the functionality and software architecture of a generic problem-solving environment (PSE) for collaborative computational science and engineering. The PSE is designed to provide transparent access to heterogeneous distributed computing resources, and is intended to enhance research productivity by making it easier to construct, run,(More)
SOAP is now commonly used as the main transport protocol in Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), but it is debatable whether SOAP can really meet the performance needs of e-Science. This paper presents an extended experimental evaluation of the performance of SOAP with Attachments(SwA)[1]. The performance of different SOAP variants: standard SOAP, SwA(More)
This paper discusses how to update a Jini system into a OGSA-compliant system for Grid computing by introducing Web services techniques into the Jini system. SWFL, an extension to WSFL for describing jobs composed of interacting Web services, is presented. SWFL provides a simple and succinct way of describing the conditional and loop constructs of Java, and(More)
An approach to dynamic workflow management and optimisation using performance data is presented. We discuss strategies for choosing an optimal service (based on user specified criteria) from several semantically equivalent Web Services. Such an approach involves finding "similar" services, by first pruning the set of discovered services based on service(More)
The task of text categorization is assigning a given text document to one or more predefined categories. High availability of digital data requires methods for automatic processing of this data. Day-by day increase of this digital data gives rise to the need of fast and better text classifiers. This paper mainly focuses on classifying data in context of(More)
Grid computing is converging on a service-oriented architecture in which applications are composed from geographically dispersed, interacting Web services, and expressed in a workflow description language. The discovery of resources is of key importance to the effective and flexible use of such an architecture. This paper describes work to date in the(More)