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The diversity and distribution patterns of endemic species of birds inChina have been studied on the basis of the distribution database of specimencollections and published references. One hundred and two endemic species ofbirds in China, belonging to 53 genera, 16 families and 8 orders are recognized.They account for 8.1% of the total species of China. The(More)
Ten endemic Chinese bird genera are currently recognized: Nipponia, Tetraophasis, Chrysolophus, Crossoptilon, Ithaginis, Pseudopodoces, Rhopophilus, Kozlowia, Urocynchramus and Latoucheornis. Of these genera, Nipponia, Ithaginis, Pseudopodoces, Rhopophilus, Kozlowia, Urocynchramus and Latoucheornis are monotypic, while Tetraophasis, Chrysolophus and(More)
While the microstructures of bird feathers have long been considered to be of taxonomic significance at the level of orders and families, this paper reveals the eco-morphological significance of feather structures in the snow sparrow complex (Montifringilla/PyrgilaudalOnychostruthus spp.), the Rock Sparrow (Petronia petronia) and the House Sparrow (Passer(More)
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