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With the setting up of digital libraries and information archive centers on Internet, copyright issue is becoming an important issue of concern. Unlike hardcopies, digital data can be modified and distributed very easily. Watermarking is the solution to this copyright problem. By embedding a secure, identifiable mark on the digital data, its data ownership(More)
KIF2A, a member of the kinesin-13 family, has been reported to play a role in spindle assembly in mitosis. However, its function in mammalian meiosis remains unknown. In this research, we examined the expression, localization and function of KIF2A during mouse oocyte meiosis. KIF2A was expressed in some key stages in mouse oocyte meiosis. Immunofluorescent(More)
Mancozeb, a mixture of ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate manganese and zinc salts, is one of the most widely used fungicides in agriculture. Mancozeb could lead to mitochondria dysfunction, cellular anti-oxidation enzymes depletion and apoptotic pathways activation. Previous studies indicated the exposure of mancozeb through mother would lead to irregular(More)
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