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Extraction of the active constituents from common yam rhizome
The main active constituents of common yam rhizome are polysaccharide.The extraction technology of polysaccharide from dioscorea was studied in this paper.The single factor tests and orthogonality
Objective Study on Tongue Image of Patients with Chronic Renal Failure of Deficiency Syndrome
TP-1 tongue image digital analysis instrument can objectively describe the features of tongue image of every syndrome for CRF, which had reproducibility, and can reflect the relationships between various syndromes and the tongue parameters to some degrees.
Edge detection method based on math morphological transform
Experiment results show that, compared with the traditional edge detecting method, this method enhances the edge and decreases the noise.
Effect of salinity on distribution of ions in mini-watermelon seedlings
This research reveals that lower selective transportation of Na+ to leaves is one of main reasons for cv.
A Research on the Structure of P.E. in Colleges
The paper is concerned with the P.E. in colleges and its teaching mentality, target, content, form and its patterns. It shows us some new ideas and new structure of the physical education, and
On the Approaches to Removing the Graduates Psychological Misunderstanding——Psychological Analysis and Strategic Study on Graduates Who Seek Employment
Faced with the competitive situation in the employment market,quite a number of students have aroused in their mind some negative thinking,which is disadvantageous for these graduates.This article
Physical Exercise and Lifestyle in Modern Society
With the development of information technology and biological science,people's life styles have changed a lot,and this requires higher standard of people's health.P.E.has taken part in every part of
Application of grey multivariable Artificial Neural Network combination model to urban land predicting
This paper proposes the combination forecasting model by using standard variance to allocate the weight and shows that the forecasting accuracy of combining forecasting model is better than that of the single model, which is a beneficial exploration for the forecasting method of developed areas.
Preliminary Investigation on the Community Structure of Insects in Mulberry Shoot in Qianan
The research provided the theoretical basis for comprehensively controlling the pests in mulberries through systematic investigation of the community structure of insects in mulberry shoot.