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Lineage mapping has identified both proliferative and quiescent intestinal stem cells, but the molecular circuitry controlling stem cell quiescence is incompletely understood. By lineage mapping, we show Lrig1, a pan-ErbB inhibitor, marks predominately noncycling, long-lived stem cells that are located at the crypt base and that, upon injury, proliferate(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS There are three reasons for the increasing demand for crop models that build the plant on the basis of architectural principles and organogenetic processes: (1) realistic concepts for developing new crops need to be guided by such models; (2) there is an increasing interest in crop phenotypic plasticity, based on variable architecture(More)
Prompted by the 20th anniversary of the 1993 World Development Report, a Lancet Commission revisited the case for investment in health and developed a new investment framework to achieve dramatic health gains by 2035. The Commission's report has four key messages, each accompanied by opportunities for action by national governments of low-income and(More)
The present paper completes our earlier results on nonlinear stability of stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Poisson system in the stellar dynamics case. By minimizing the energy under a mass-Casimir constraint we construct a large class of isotropic, spherically symmetric steady states and prove their nonlinear stability against general, i. e., not(More)
UNLABELLED Many "novel" osteoporosis candidate genes have been proposed in recent years. To advance our knowledge of their roles in osteoporosis, we screened 20 such genes using a set of high-density SNPs in a large family-based study. Our efforts led to the prioritization of those osteoporosis genes and the detection of gene-gene interactions. (More)
HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) has increased significantly in China since early 2000, with MSM accounting for 32.5% of the newly infected HIV cases in China in 2009. This study reviews a total of 33 studies published in English literature on MSM in China from 2000 to 2009. Existing studies indicated that frequently MSM in China were(More)
By direct interpolation of a family of smooth energy estimates for solutions near Maxwellian equilibrium and in a periodic box to several Boltzmann type equations in [7–9, 11], we show convergence to Maxwellian with any polynomial rate in time. Our results not only resolve the important open problem for both the Vlasov-Maxwell-Boltzmann system and the(More)
Bladder cancer is the most general malignant cancer in genitourinary system, more than 90% of BCs are bladder transitional cell carcinomas (BTCC). This study aimed to investigate the clinical significance of growth arrest-specific 5 (GAS5) gene and its regulatory effects of malignant proliferation and chemotherapy resistance to doxorubicin in BTCC cells.(More)