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Activation of NFkappaB is a fundamental cellular event central to all inflammatory diseases. Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) ameliorates both acute and chronic inflammation in a multitude of organ systems through modulating NFkappaB activity; nevertheless, the exact molecular mechanism remains uncertain. Here we report that HGF through inactivation of(More)
Evidence suggests that glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β) contributes to AKI; however, its role in post-AKI kidney repair remains uncertain. Here, delayed treatment with a single dose of lithium, a selective inhibitor of GSK3β and a US Food and Drug Administration-approved mood stabilizer, accelerated recovery of renal function, promoted repopulation of(More)
Immune checkpoints, such as the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway, negatively interfere in the efficiency of dendritic cell (DC) vaccination in cancer immunotherapy. In this study, we demonstrated that the blockade of PD-L1 signaling could promote DC maturation, proliferation, and IL-12 secretion, augment DC primed T cell response and reverse tumor cell dampened T cell(More)
Progress has been made in deciphering the mechanisms on Orientia tsutsugamushi-host interaction. The genome sequencing, microarray and proteomic analyses of this ancient bacterium have provided a wealth of new information. This paper reviews the general characteristics of O. tsutsugamushi and recent developments especially in signaling events involved in(More)
The mismatch negativity (MMN) is observed following rare or unique sensory events, and reflects pre-attentional sensory processing of unexpected stimuli. The MMN is altered in several mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but did not yield consistent results. We measured MMN in 27 survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake, including(More)
According to the overall demand of AHP evaluation system, some essential technology of implementing generic AHP evaluation system based on Web services are introduced, which mainly include the storage of AHP evaluation hierarchy based on XML, the implementation of AHP class, the encapsulation, publication, invocation of AHP web service, and the(More)
The wintertime Pacific–North American (PNA) teleconnection pattern has previously been shown to influence springtime snow conditions over portions of North America. This paper develops a more complete physical understanding of this linkage across the continent, using a recently released long-term, continental-scale gridded North American snow depth dataset(More)
Measurements of user experience (UX) in traditional human-computer interaction studies mostly rely on task performance and self-report data. Recent research has showed that physiological measures are good indicators of cognitive involvement and emotional arousal and are suggested being used as a complementary measure of UX. This paper reports a preliminary(More)
Copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase-1 (CCS-1), facilitating copper insertion into superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD-1), is present in the nucleus. However, it is unknown how CCS-1 is translocated to the nucleus. The present study was undertaken to determine the effect of copper on nuclear translocation of CCS-1. Human umbilical vein endothelial cells(More)
Coevolution can be seen as the interdependency between evolutionary histories. In the context of protein evolution, functional correlation proteins are ever-present coordinated evolutionary characters without disruption of organismal integrity. As to complex system, there are two forms of protein--protein interactions in vivo, which refer to inter-complex(More)