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The Cd(2+)-inducible metallothionein (MTT1) gene was cloned from Tetrahymena thermophila. Northern blot analysis showed that MTT1 mRNA is not detectable in the absence of Cd(2+), is induced within 10 min of its addition, is expressed in proportion to its concentration, and rapidly disappears upon its withdrawal. Similarly, when the neo1 gene coding region(More)
In this paper, we present a methodology to analytically compute the <i>throughput capacity</i>, or the maximum end-to-end throughput of a given source and destination pair in a multi-hop wireless network. The end-to-end throughput capacity is computed by considering the interference due to neighboring nodes, as well as various modes of hidden node(More)
In this paper, we aim at finding a nearest correlation matrix to a given symmetric matrix, measured by the componentwise weighted Frobenius norm, with a prescribed rank and bound constraints on its correlations. This is in general a non-convex and difficult problem due to the presence of the rank constraint. To deal with this difficulty, we first consider a(More)
Synaptotagmin 1 probably functions as a Ca2+ sensor in neurotransmitter release via its two C2-domains, but no common Ca2+-dependent activity that could underlie a cooperative action between them has been described. The NMR structure of the C2B-domain now reveals a beta sandwich that exhibits striking similarities and differences with the C2A-domain.(More)
A key function for network traffic monitoring and analysis is the ability to perform aggregate queries over multiple data streams. Change detection is an important primitive which can be extended to construct many aggregate queries. The recently proposed sketches are among the very few that can detect heavy changes online for high speed links, and thus(More)
Soluble N-ethylmaleimide sensitive factor-attachment protein receptors (SNAREs) and Sec1p/Munc18-homologs (SM proteins) play key roles in intracellular membrane fusion. The SNAREs form tight four-helix bundles (core complexes) that bring the membranes together, but it is unclear how this activity is coupled to SM protein function. Studies of the yeast(More)
In WiFi-based content distribution community infrastructure (CDCI), file servers are deployed in diverse locations around cities, caching popular files interesting to a community. They serve file download requests from mobile users in proximity via WiFi. In this paper, we study the optimal caching strategy for file servers in CDCI so that the mean file(More)
Microplitis pallidipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) is an important larval parasitoid of noctuid larval pests. In this study, we describe the morphology, ultrastructure and distribution of sensilla on the antennae of both male and female adults using scanning electron microscopy; complemented with transmission electron microscopy. Observations determined that(More)
Iron overload is associated with increased diabetes risk. We therefore investigated the effect of iron on adiponectin, an insulin-sensitizing adipokine that is decreased in diabetic patients. In humans, normal-range serum ferritin levels were inversely associated with adiponectin, independent of inflammation. Ferritin was increased and adiponectin was(More)