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In this paper, a new quantitative risk analysis model of integrating fuzzy fault tree (FFT) with Bayesian Network (BN) is proposed. The first step involves describing a fuzzy fault tree analysis technique based on the Takagi and Sugeno model. The second step proposes the translation rules for converting FFT into BN. Based on this, the integration algorithm(More)
  • Qinglin Wu, Yan Wang
  • 2010
J2EE-based Web applications are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and with their increasing adoption, the performance is the attention focus and the most important factor of evaluating the system by users. In this paper, we present a systematic solution for performance testing and optimization of J2EE-based Web applications. The solution helps to identify(More)
Object/Relational Mapping (ORM), as an important approach to implement the data persistence layer provides various and flexible design models for constructing the efficient DBMS. Hibernate that based on ORM is well-suited to construct the data persistence layer of multilayer Web applications. Based on Hibernate, the paper presents a full solution of data(More)
The MVC design pattern is very useful for architecting Web applications, which encourages developers to partition the applications as early as in the design phase. Nowadays, Struts Web applications based on MVC have become more and more popular in various fields, the unit testing and action-level security are the most important method for guaranteeing the(More)
Computer-aided design (CAD) data interoperability is one of the most important issues to enable information integration and sharing in a collaborative engineering environment. A significant amount of work has been done on the extension and standardization of neutral data formats in both academy and industry. In this paper, we present a feature mapping(More)
  • Yan Wang
  • 2013
Distance education resources based on P2P mode are distributed in each node, which is difficult to find target resource. In order to improve the efficiency of the distance education system resource utilization, the paper fully considers the node physical location and node ability, and puts forward an improved Chord mode on the base of the analysis of the(More)
  • Qinglin Wu, Yan Wang
  • 2015
With the rapid development of Internet technology, Web service composition has been an important field for web services technology, which gives us the opportunity for selecting new services and satisfied users' needs at the moment. For quality factors problem in the Web service composition, we firstly analyzed the life cycle on web service composition in(More)
  • Yan Wang, Qinglin Wu
  • 2013
An important problem that confronts P2P network is to efficiently search the node that stores a particular data. Chord is a distributed lookup protocol that addresses the problem. However, the chord protocol has not yet efficiently resolved the problem. In this paper an improved Chord algorithm is presented, which considers the node's actual ability, the(More)
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