Yan Feng Shen

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A thermally stable 3 x 3 octahedral molecular sieve corresponding to natural todorokite (OMS-1) has been synthesized by autoclaving layer-structure manganese oxides, which are prepared by reactions of MnO(4)(-) and Mn(2+) under markedly alkaline conditions. The nature and thermal stability of products depend strongly on preparation parameters, such as the(More)
This paper presents a polishing expert system integrated with sensor information which can modify the polishing sequence and conditions initially set by the system using the on-site polishing status. A practical system using AE sensors is developed for the rotational polishing and the curved surface polishing. A database and knowledge base for polishing(More)
Most existing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems support only title-based searches and are limited in functionality when compared to today's search engines. In this paper, we present the design of a distributed P2P information sharing system that supports semantic-based content searches of relevant documents. First, we propose a general and extensible framework for(More)
We elucidate the effect of lanthanum (La) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-3Sn-1Mn-xLa (wt.%) alloy plates processed through continuous rheo-rolling for the first time. At x = 0.2 wt.%, La dissolved completely in the α-Mg matrix. As the La content was increased to 0.6 wt.%, a new plate-shaped three-phase compound composed of La5Sn3,(More)
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