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Conversion of spent mushroom substrate to biofertilizer using a stress-tolerant phosphate-solubilizing Pichia farinose FL7.
The SMS biofertilizer produced by P. farinose significantly improved the growth of soybean in pot experiments, demonstrating a tremendous potential in agricultural application. Expand
Adsorptive removal of dibenzothiophene from model fuels over one-pot synthesized PTA@MIL-101(Cr) hybrid material.
It can be presumed that MIL-101(Cr), modified properly, can be used as a promising adsorbent for eliminating aromatics and S-compounds in commercial fuels simultaneously. Expand
Production of spent mushroom substrate hydrolysates useful for cultivation of Lactococcus lactis by dilute sulfuric acid, cellulase and xylanase treatment.
Spent mushroom substrate (SMS) was treated with dilute sulfuric acid followed by cellulase and xylanase treatment to produce hydrolysates that could be used as the basis for media for the productionExpand
Application of basic isoreticular nanoporous metal–organic framework: IRMOF-3 as a suitable and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of chalcone
A highly porous isoreticular metal–organic framework (IRMOF-3) was synthesized and employed as a novel efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of chalcone via Claisen–Schmidt condensation.Expand
Catalytic Oxidation Desulfurization over PTA-dispersed MIL-101 under Mild Conditions
With H2O2 as oxidant, phosphotungstic acid (PTA) was used as heterogeneous oxidation desulfurization catalyst via immobilizing on porous MIL-101. By combining the catalytic activity of PTA with theExpand