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Ranganayaki Muralidharan2
Manish Shanker2
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The Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney (WMW) test is the most commonly used nonparametric method to compare two treatments when the underlying distribution of the outcome variable is not normally distributed. In the presence of stratum effects, the van Elteren (vE) test, a stratified WMW test, can be used to adjust for the stratum effect. We provide guidance on how to(More)
BACKGROUND The stromal cell derived factor (SDF)-1/chemokine receptor (CXCR)-4 signaling pathway plays a key role in lung cancer metastasis and is molecular target for therapy. In the present study we investigated whether interleukin (IL)-24 can inhibit the SDF-1/CXCR4 axis and suppress lung cancer cell migration and invasion in vitro. Further, the efficacy(More)
  • Janani Panneerselvam, Manish Shanker, Jiankang Jin, Cynthia D. Branch, Ranganayaki Muralidharan, Yan D. Zhao +3 others
  • 2015
Interleukin (IL)-24 is a tumor suppressor/cytokine gene that undergoes post-translational modifications (PTMs). Glycosylation and ubiquitination are important for IL-24 protein stabilization and degradation respectively. Little is known about IL-24 protein phosphorylation and its role in IL-24-mediated anti-tumor activities. In this study we conducted(More)
Proton T(2) relaxation times of metabolites in the human brain were measured using point resolved spectroscopy at 3T in vivo. Four echo times (54, 112, 246 and 374 ms) were selected from numerical and phantom analyses for effective detection of the glutamate multiplet at ~ 2.35 ppm. In vivo data were obtained from medial and left occipital cortices of five(More)
The van Elteren test is a type of stratified Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test for comparing two treatments accounting for strata. In this paper, we study sample size estimation methods for the asymptotic version of the van Elteren test, assuming that the stratum fractions (ratios of each stratum size to the total sample size) and the treatment fractions (ratios(More)
BACKGROUND In lung cancer, the efficacy of conventional chemotherapy is limited due to poor drug accumulation in tumors and nonspecific cytotoxicity. Resolving these issues will increase therapeutic efficacy. METHODS GNR-Dox-Tf-NPs (gold nanorod-doxorubicin-transferrin-nanoparticles) were prepared by different chemical approaches. The efficacy of these(More)
  • Julie M Ward, Judith A James, Yan D Zhao, Carol F Webb
  • 2015
Earlier studies showed that the DNA-binding protein, Bright/ARID3a bound to a subset of human and mouse immunoglobulin heavy chain promoters where it enhanced expression. Indeed, mice with transgenic expression of ARID3a in all B lymphocytes have expanded MZ B cells and produce anti-nuclear antibodies (ANAs). Consistent with our findings in mice, we(More)
Accurately measuring the cortical mean diffusivity (MD) derived from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) at the comprehensive lobe, gyral and voxel level of young, elderly healthy brains and those with Alzheimer's disease (AD) may provide insights on heterogeneous cortical microstructural changes caused by aging and AD. Due to partial volume effects (PVE), the(More)