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Neuroimaging and neuropsychological data from Thompson-Schill and colleagues (Thompson-Schill, D'Esposito, Aguirre, and Farah, 1997; Thompson-Schill et al., 1998) showed that in the verb generation task, the left inferior frontal gyrus (left IFG) was more involved in a high-selection condition, in which the noun had two verb responses of equal association(More)
To understand the role of miRNAs in the molecular mechanisms of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), we investigated the changes in microRNA (miRNA) expression profiles of chronic TLE rat models. MiRNAs microarray analysis results showed that 125 miRNAs were detected in the hippocampus of lithium-pilocarpine-induced TLE rats and normal rats. Compared with normal(More)
BACKGROUND Whether healthy older people can benefit from cognitive training (CogTr) remains controversial. This study explored the benefits of CogTr in community dwelling, healthy, older adults and compared the effects of single-domain with multi-domain CogTr interventions. METHODS A randomized, controlled, 3-month trial of CogTr with double-blind(More)
BACKGROUND There is much uncertainty about the effects of early lowering of elevated blood pressure (BP) after acute intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). Our aim was to assess the safety and efficiency of this treatment, as a run-in phase to a larger trial. METHODS Patients who had acute spontaneous ICH diagnosed by CT within 6 h of onset, elevated systolic(More)
A variety of rod opsin mutations result in autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa and congenital night blindness in humans. One subset of these mutations encodes constitutively active forms of the rod opsin protein. Some of these dominant rod opsin mutant proteins, which desensitize transgenic Xenopus rods, provide an animal model for congenital night(More)
In this paper, we study different methods of data compression algorithms on English text files : LZW, Huffman, Fixed-length code (FLC), and Huffman after using Fixed-length code (HFLC). We evaluate and test these algorithms on different text files of different sizes and make a comparison in terms of compression : Size, Ratio, Time (Speed), and Entropy. We(More)
The vertebrate retina develops from a sheet of neuroepithelial cells. Because adherens and tight junctions are critical for epithelial and neuronal differentiation in a variety of eukaryotic systems, we examined the role of Par-3, a PDZ scaffold protein that is critical in cellular membrane junction formation. We cloned the zebrafish Par-3 ortholog (pard3),(More)
DNase I footprint analysis of the human placental lactogen-A (hPL-A) promoter using nuclear extracts from purified human trophoblast cells and BeWo choriocarcinoma cells revealed five protected regions within the proximal 325 bp. Two of the protected regions, FP4 (-289--267) and FP5 (-167--154), are homologous to regions on the human growth hormone (hGH)(More)
BACKGROUND Most patients who have had a stroke are given aspirin; however, aspirin-related cerebral haemorrhage is a complication that is currently of concern, particularly in China where there is a high incidence of cerebral haemorrhage in secondary prevention programmes and within the community. Cilostazol, a phosphodiesterase 3 (PDE3) inhibitor, is an(More)
Treatment with bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) ameliorates neurological functional deficits after stroke. Nerve growth factor (NGF) is a neurotrophic factor that supports the survival and growth of neural cells. Noggin, an antagonist of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP), promotes the differentiation of stem cells into neurons. In this study, we hypothesize(More)