Yan Basile-Bellavance

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This paper compares numerical simulations and measurements of the nonlinear magnetic diffusion phenomenon in a Bi2212 high temperature superconducting (HTS) hollow cylinder. Although the measurements were done many years ago, it is only recently that computer power has become sufficient to reproduce the experiment by simulation on a personal computer in a(More)
In this paper, the interconnection network (WaferNet) which is part of an active and reconfigurable prototyping board, named WaferBoard™, is analyzed to derive efficient defect diagnosis. The WaferNet structure spans an entire silicon wafer that inevitably contains defects, due to the nature of the microfabrication process, and defect management(More)
In this paper, a novel technique to get a defect tolerant JTAG compliant scan chain in very large area integrated circuits (VLAIC) is presented. It was ruled that wafer-scale VLAICs require structural regularity and defect-tolerance to be cost effective. Using only one scan chain, as typically used in PCBs, would make the whole VLAIC unusable if a single(More)
This paper reports on the challenges encountered, and the solutions adopted in the hardware and software co-verification of a wafer-scale integrated (WSI) system. The WaferBoardtrade is designed for rapid prototyping of complex digital systems. This advanced technology embeds a smart active substrate that can be configured through a set of JTAG ports to(More)
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