Yan A. Li

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Ships or risers, among many other marine structures, incur damage even with the best precautions. Whilst these damages can be catastrophic they often lead to scenarios whereby the damaged structure is ailing but not failed. In these scenarios the structure will flood and it is vital that the rate of flooding can be estimated, from a limited knowledge of the(More)
The problem of task assignment in heterogeneous computing system has been studied for many years with many versions. We consider the problem in which tasks are to be assigned to homogeneous and heterogeneous machines to minimize the sum of the total computation and communication costs. In this paper, we introduce a novel algorithm to solve task assignment(More)
To increase the optimal number of divisions of the pen pressure space and achieve greater pen pressure usability, we present four pen pressure division variations: division according to personal/aggregation pen pressure use distribution with/without visual feedback of uniform level widths and the traditional even division method. Two experiments were(More)
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