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Off-axis catadioptric fisheye wide field-of-view optical receiver for free space optical communications
We propose a wide field-of-view optical receiver design based on a fisheye lens and an off-axis catadioptric structure for free-space optical communications. The design utilizes a novel fisheye lens
Maximum availability and mineralogical control of chromium released from AOD slag
Facilitating the generation of the insoluble spinel-like phases during the cooling and disposal process of the molten slag could be an effective approach to decreasing the leaching concentration of chromium and its environmental risk.
Range accuracy of photon heterodyne detection with laser pulse based on Geiger-mode APD.
It is shown that the stronger echo intensity, narrower pulse width, low noise, large echo position, and small beat frequency produce higher range accuracy in a pulsed photon heterodyne detection system based on GM-APD.
The analysis and simulation of temperature field of the instrument that engender temperature difference
Minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD) is a common figure of merit for assessing the performance of thermal imagers, because it represents the thermal sensitivity and spatial resolution.
Influence of wind speed on free space optical communication performance for Gaussian beam propagation through non Kolmogorov strong turbulence
In free-space optical communication links, atmospheric turbulence causes fluctuations in both the intensity and the phase of the received signal, affecting link performance. Most theoretical
Long-term leaching characterization and geochemical modeling of chromium released from AOD slag
The long-term leaching of chromium from AOD slag was analyzed by column percolation test and the result suggested that the geochemical model for chromium leaching prediction applies to the assessment of the eco-risk of A OD slag during the long- term leaching.
Experimental investigation on photoacoustic emission from femtosecond-laser-induced air plasma
We report experimental investigation on photoacoustic emission from air plasma created as a result of interaction of a focused 50 fs intense laser-pulse in air. Emphasis is to study the dependence of
Influence of prepared plasma on THz emission from the plasma induced by ultrashort lasers: a quasi-analytical investigation
The influence of prepared plasma induced by a prepulse on the THz emission generated by main two-color femtosecond lasers (fs-lasers) has been investigated numerically and analytically by using a