Yamini Agarwal

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Perianal fistulae are an abnormal communication between the anorectum and the perianal skin. A seemingly benign condition, it can be a cause of considerable distress to the patient if it is not mapped out adequately before embarking upon surgical correction. The persistence of residual disease complicates and up-stages the grade of the remnant fistula with(More)
A 49-year-old woman presented with a uterine tumour with solid and cystic parts. Extension of the tumour into the broad ligament was noted at the operation with wormlike plugs of tumour within the veins. The histological diagnosis of intravenous leiomyomatosis was evident. The disease turned out to be far advanced: a long continuous intraluminal mass(More)
135 cases of oral cancer have been treated by two fractions per week, and the results are compared with 115 approximately identical cases treated by conventional five days a week schedule with other parameters being identical. Radical irradiation was done by 6000 and 6500 rd in 6--6 1/2 weeks (NSD 1800--1900 ret) and palliative dose was 4500 R/4 weeks (NSD(More)
The doses received by the embryos from abdominal irradiation of the females at the time of pregnancy may adversely affect the offspring. The dose to the embryo will depend on the depth of the embryo from the surface, the distance of the embryo from the central axis of the beam and on the photon energy. A knowledge of the dose as well as the percentage depth(More)
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